Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Siren’s Odyssey by Tres Hanley-Millman Defies The Showtunes Label

I’m often times surprised by the music that I get to listen to, and be inspired by, and most recently another great option came through my lens of focus. This record, “A Siren’s Odyssey” may not be what some readers define as traditional for this blog, but the point of this site was not to stick to the beaten path, but to look for opportunities to explore more musical variety. That’s what you get here, something that is very much a compelling piece, and it’s something that is poignant for today’s listener.

“A Siren’s Odyssey” by Tres Hanley-Millman is a record that comes from someone that you may know already. She was in the iconic film Richard III, in a small, yet standout role. She even was a part of the famed Bacardi brand as the 90s Bacardi Babe, but was able to gain serious respect as a TV actress in the UK.

Her first record was released in 2005 entitled “Tres Broadway” which was a tribute to her musical roots. In 2007, however, she released a fascinating European Dance Single – “Dance of the Euro Diva” with Asian rapper BURCH. This eclectic movement has given her a great deal of range in terms of music, and that may be the thing that makes her stand out from the rest of the singers you may come across.

This latest album, “A Siren’s Odyssey” is something that definitely plays to the defiance of the genre of show tunes as it is so much more than just that. With an overture opening, the track “Anthemoessa” transports you over the vast seas, giving you a perspective that truly envelopes your aural senses. A journey is truly what you get with this recording, and a callback to Homer’s “Odyssey” is somewhat felt, as true love is searched for.

Some standout pieces to this record are Miss Hanley’s exquisite crystalline soprano in the eerie track “Moonfall” and the eroticism of “Music of Goodbye”, which is the theme from the movie “out of Africa”. It was originally recorded as a duet by Melissa Manchester and Peabo Bryson, and now presented here for your listening pleasure. The most commercial of the songs is “Why Don’t We Run Away”, which was oddly enough, written by the Broadway team of Sommers and Zipple.

Daniel Moctezuma gets a nod here for composing both “Anthemoessa” and the title track. Mr. Moctezuma is one of the composers you’ll want to watch in the world of soundtracks. His prowess for orchestration is nothing short of spectacular, and combined with Miss Hanley-Millman’s vocals, is purely intrepid. You will feel like you’re escaping into a movie, a movement of sound, and a sonic boom of cool, which really does defy genre, which is why I recommend this record.

For more information on this incredible artist, check out her official website:

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