Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cheap Music: Rival Schools Debut For Only A Penny

cheap music for cheap people
In our latest feature for you cheap ass music fan, like me, I found one heck of a release. It’s from 2001 and it’s one of my favorite rock records that should’ve gotten way more attention. It’s from the band Rival Schools, and it’s called “United By Fate”. Now, if you were a fan of Anime and video games as a whole, you will remember the short lived series, or at least the fighting game that was on the Sega Saturn.

Aside from the reference to obscure video games and anime, the band put out one cohesive album that is more so enjoyable as a whole than it is by just 1 or 2 singles. They call this genre post-hardcore, but I don’t know if I would claim that. The guitar work is far more intricate than just punk or hardcore, and there’s not a ton of yelling or anything like that. The band formed in New York and quickly became a part of the hardcore scene since the members were all from bands that I grew up with, throwing fists in the air. Bands like Gorilla Biscuits, CIV, and Youth of Today were founders of this band and it’s interesting to see how far they went in such a short span of time.

Apparently, MTV used to play the crap out of their singles and videos, but that’s ok. Rival Schools “United By Fate” was released by a major, but the sound is anything but that polished rock sound that came from the late 1990s. Now, if you want to pick up this record, I highly recommend it and if you’re a cheapskate, you can get it for just 1 cent (used)! You can buy this used for that cheap by clicking here. That’s right, idiots, get this one it’s well worth it. Want a sample? Below is their official video for “Shot After Shot":

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