Saturday, December 14, 2013

PHD Provides Christmas Spirit

Independent music is hit or miss a lot of the times. However, I have come across yet another incredible piece to consider. The band PHD from Northwest Georgia have put together an interesting sound. One that is not only vibrant, but eclectic all in the same breath. You’ll find that their latest release “Christmas in Dixie” is a fine example of musicianship. The group has managed to record the essence and spirit of Christmas into 5 tracks of bliss. There is a great deal of joy found here, and it shows with every strum of the guitar, and sound that you get moving through.

In traditional style, but with a twist, the band produces a collaborative effort that is definitely worth a listen. Stand out tracks include “Christmas in Dixie” and “Blue Christmas” but the whole thing is definitely worth a listen. It brings up the standard of Christmas music to another notch, without being too far gone. Many times when country, rock, or even pop acts do this type of music, they change the whole scope of it, and it no longer has that original flavor. These guys do it right, making sure that there are elements from the original but with their own spin on it, and it’s good.

You can check out more on PHD via their ReverbNation page here, and their Facebook page here. You may want to keep an eye on these guys, and check out their latest release. It’s a little slice of joy in this holiday season. I’m always glad to hear independent music done well, and this is definitely something worth noting.

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