Monday, January 20, 2014

Jay Neezy Ambition Mixtape Shows Serious Promise

Jay Neezy’s latest mixtape “Ambition” showcases a good sense of style, rhyme, and a flow that is definitely worth checking out. This independent rapper flows through a lot of different bars and doesn’t copy anyone. He has a way with words and he flows through a lot of different words fast, slow, and with a good sense of timing. A lot of times these mix tapes are far from being very good, but that’s not what you get here. It’s interesting to hear the beats, sounds, and rhymes that Jay Neezy pushes.

You will find that the topics are personal, and he knows how to time the words just right. Balancing fast and slow rhymes with beats that are organic and produced by a variety of producers is the name of the game here. A bouncy sound that is definitely on par with a lot of the best rappers on the scene right now. You can easily compare this to other rappers like Drake, but there’s something that is done here that you aren’t hearing on the radio.

Perhaps the coolest thing on this, aside from Jay Neezy’s use of rhyme prowess is the production. The production meshes really well with his voice. Singing, rhyming, and talking all mix so well with the sounds and that’s something that you’re going to enjoy. Listening to this makes you really think about what’s coming next in hip hop, or rather how Jay is already here. Why isn’t this guy bigger? He’s got the talent and mixtape skills that are definitely worth checking out. Looping beats, different rhyme styles and customized attention works well to push a lot of different elements together. This is good. “Way Too On” especially got me by surprised. Addressing people that are trying to push the dude down as he’s working, I feel that. As a writer, I get it all the time, told that I can’t do what I do or that you can’t make money as a writer, but you know what? Who cares? I’m doing what they say can’t be done.

Jay Neezy’s “Ambition” is a strong release, one that you have to hear. So check this mess out fast.

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