Monday, February 29, 2016

10K Drops A Killer Track With Fresh White Tees

10K comes out swinging with the latest catchy hip hop song you’re going to absolutely love. I’ve heard a lot of rap and hip hop tracks this year already, but a lot of it is just boring. The rhymes are just repetition, or the words just get slurred across some mediocre beats. But this, this is pretty cool, 10K drops a story rhyme that is all out catchy, and fun.

10K goes across several different thoughts in just 2 minutes and 58 seconds of music, never letting up and continually processing consciousness with rhyming ability. You’ll get hit hard up front, and by the first chorus, you’re going to be singing along. This is the type of song that really showcases a good ear for beats, rhyme schematics, and professional flow. 10K is no slacker here, he throws down as many adjectives and ideas as he can without losing the audience.

Often time’s when rappers have a lot to say, they speed it up and try too hard to spit out as many sentences as possible, but not here. Here it’s a bit laid back, confidence, and truly a testament to the prowess that 10K has in his rhymes. That being said, “Fresh White Tees” is a solid track, with a lot of promise. It is no doubt going to get stuck in your head, as it really is a catchy tune.

Check out 10K and his latest release “Fresh White Tees” by going Here. Don’t miss out, this is a very catchy, solid hip hop track.

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