Monday, January 27, 2014

Midnight Mosaic Crashes Through The Rock Mold With Fire Work

midnight mosaic fire work
The first thing that I noticed from Midnight Mosaic’s release of “Fire Work” is the bass. The bass hits you across the neck with reverberating melody before going into a full frenzy of musical prowess. Track 1 is a definite good choice for an opener on this one. Recording with a good sound design, you fully get the instruments working together before the vocals kick in and treat you to some powerful framework.

The first thing I thought of was Red Hot Chili Peppers, as the bass guitar really does well to create a good starting point. It then flows with the percussion and guitar, and of course the vocals that are not to be compared with too many other bands, as it flows through highs, lows, signing, speech and so much more. It’s eclectic, and it’s definitely a good example of rock vocals. You will definitely find a lot of good points on “Fire Work” where the vocals of A.t. Hunte is definitely a mix between Michael Tait, Corey Glover, and Anthony Kiedis. That’s about as well as I can personally describe the mix, because it’s truly a testament to the rest of the music. The vocals tie so much together on this record and it’s definitely something that is missing with a lot of music today.

Midnight Mosaic is a true gem, artists that knokw more than the standard 3 chords, and I like that. I love the way things flow from song to song. You get loud, soft, and then bombastic transitional points before leading into softening melodies and more. “Bazooka Gumption” to “Old School” moves so swiftly, and yet so differently, quite the transition if you ask me.

The comparisons to Red Hot Chili Peppers don’t stop, as you get to “Abyss” and the driving bass rhtyms bring to me a whole new appreciation for the instrument I stopped playing a couple of years ago. If only my wrists weren’t so sore from writing, I’d most definitely find the bass lines worth exploring as they are quite good. I love the sound, as it offers fidelity to the melodies presented here. It’s by far one of the best bass sound I’ve heard on an independent release in a long time.

All in all Midnight Mosaic “Fire Work” presents an iconic sound. They are a rock band with more bells and whistles than you may think. Calling them purely rock is not a good thing, but it’s the banner that I’m going to cast. They flow through funk, rock, pop, and great lyricism to boot. What awaits for you on this record is 10 tracks of true music artistry. They are a gem in every sense of the word. All the pieces come together on this one, and should prove to be a launching pad for their career. Someone needs to sign these guys, as I could see them making the big bucks on tour with larger acts.

Take a listen to the band by clicking here, and picking up their record. I’m impressed by how good the independent music world is in these modern times. Here’s another winner. Check out their music video for "Right To Die" and get excited!

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