Monday, January 6, 2014

Flaunt Brings Incredible Narrative to Beautiful Animals

beautiful animals
I caught wind of this free track from Flaunt and it pushes together a mix of old, new, and future all into one track. The ambient mix of jazz, rock, and hip hop is incredible. It mixes a lot of elements to work into something that is eclectic, beautiful, and thought provoking. You will find it hard to resist the song and melodies that are created with such veracity. It’s intrinsically beautiful, and flows through several different stages, all while creating a landscape of semi sonic sound.

As far as alternative music is concerned, this is poetry in motion, bringing together interesting components to present a new touching and enigmatic world. You’ll be hard pressed not to love this, as I found it compelling, and intrepid. It’s daring, it’s layered, its well worth your time.

If that doesn’t grab you at first hand, than you will definitely want to look at this music video for the track, as it will definitely wake you up from your stupor right now. It got me, and that’s hard to do. You’ll love this, I love this, enjoy it, and then download it here.

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