Thursday, January 9, 2014

Less Than Jake Return To Form on See The Light

less than jake see the light
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One of my personal favorite bands, and one of the best bands to see live is none other than Less Than Jake. I’ve managed to see them play a few times and have been a fan of their mix of ska and punk since I was a teenager. I first heard them on Pezcore and have since progressed to hearing them transition from a lot of different levels, including their releases on major labels. They returned last year with “See The Light” which is coming through Fat Wreck Chords and it sounds incredible.

From the start Less Than Jake present a polished sound. The band has been together for so long, and it is evident on the tracks that are presented. “Good Enough” really sets the mood with a powerful horn blast, and bass lines that walk all over the fret board. I’ve always been a fan of the bass guitar sound of ska, and LTJ really does a great job of making it prominent here again.

Roger produced this one, so it may be why it not only sounds like that original punk edge sound, but with a sense of accomplishment and urgency that came across from early acts in the genre like Operation Ivy and The Suicide Machines. With the single “My Money is on the Longshot” we are given even more flair for amazing soundscapes that flow easily through the rest of the album. Less than Jake unleash 13 tracks here and all of them are just catchy, and feature that style that you’re used to from these guys.

If there is anything to say bad about the release is that it’s far too familiar. I once made that comment about Nofx, and a friend reminded me about consistency. Sometimes bands can rest on their laurels and still be new. I’m sure no one is telling Lemmy and Motorhead that their new album sounds like the past 20 releases they had, right?

All that in mind, Less Than Jake’s release here is really well done, good on every level, and brings the band into a new generation of ska music, and hopefully they don’t slow down. Pick up this release, by clicking here, and see if you like it as much as I did.

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