Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sprightly Moans Demos III Presents An Unafraid Rock Exclamation Point

sprightly moans
 Sprightly Moans puts together an eclectic blend of music, and does so in such a daring manner. You get that from the first sounds of "Demos III", their latest release, and while it may be short in songs, it proves to be an emblem of creative music. It’s a powerful performance piece that is hard to classify in one genre. Sure, it’s easy to say it’s rock, but it also has moments of indie, symphony, folk, and a touch for the dramatic here and there. You don’t hear this kind of passion in a lot of artists, which is why the album fits so well with me.

Not since I first heard Bradley Hathaway perform at Tomfest, have I heard such a unique mix of passion and poetic lyricism. Sprightly Moans provides a good wall of noise on “Blushes all Around”. Some may liken it to MeWithoutYou, and others may hear shades of Pedro The Lion, with a louder “White Stripes” tenacity on guitars. On “I Wanna Be Afraid” the band really stretches a bit, rolling through a variety of sounds and rhythms yet holding tight to the rock infused sound.
sprightly moans
“Love is Nothing Without Eternity” ends this record with such a simple sound, mellow and poignant all the same. It ushers in a bit of meditative release, and presents the listener with a beautiful way to close the album. All in all, Sprightly Moans “Demos III” is an interesting piece of music, full of life, and vibrant energy. It closes on an introspective note, which will pair well with a cup of tea. It’s haunting, it’s melodious, it’s a grand example of how talented many underground artists are. I love the sounds created here, and the unique package design of their release pulls at the heartstrings of my bachelor’s degree in art.

You can pick up this record and learn more about the band by visiting their official website here.

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