Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Ultimate Way To Get Green Day's Dookie is on 180 Gram Vinyl

If you call yourself a music fan and you haven’t either purchased a copy of “Dookie” or at least heard the songs from the record at nausea, then you probably aren’t much of a music fan at all. The band sold as many records as Michael Jackson did, making this mid 1990s record one of the most famous of all time. However, upon the original release through Reprise and Lookout Records the LP/Vinyl version was just standard (amongst some other color options) and that didn’t sit well with the band or the fans. Sure, they bought the record, but after some time it was necessary to release an 180g Vinyl lp of “Dookie”. That’s what I got my grubby hands on recently and am posing it here for you to consider purchasing. The record, first of all, is considerably heavier, and sounds 100 times better than the original release.


This record is 33 1/3 LP and it is 180 grams of wax. If you’re a collector or just prefer to listen to music on wax, then this is for you because it is considerably thicker and more poignant. You’ll get more sound quality and be able to listen to the vinyl a lot longer than any other options. This rerelease has been remastered digitally and you get the full record, including the bonus track at the end.

Negative Reviews

Just when you thought it was all peaches and cream, some people don’t think that this release is all that great. There are a great deal of people that aren’t exactly fans of the release nor Green Day. One reviewer even went as far as to say, “they are just doing it for the money, and it works”. Stiff criticism from one of the many people that picked up this record at one point and decided it wasn’t all that great.

Another side of the negative reviews talk about how real punk should be listened to instead of this garbage. One guy even said that you should listen to a “Sex Pistols” record instead. Funny, since there really is only 1 record from that band to even get a hold of. Don’t just listen to me, read more negative reviews here.

Honest Conclusion

Ok, you know the band, you know the record but you don’t know what it sounds like with this rerelease. I think it’s an awesome record, and it deserves your money at this point. Even if you already have it on your computer, take the time to collect this and listen to it on your record player. The Green Day “Dookie” 180g Vinyl Lp is well worth it, and I’m not just saying that. 500+ reviews of this LP can’t be wrong, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

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