Sunday, January 5, 2014

Green Day Warning Unlikely Bass Classic

Love them or hate them, you are going to have an opinion on the band Green Day. I love them, and that has gotten me into some heated arguments with blow hards that say my taste in music sucks. I don’t believe them, but that’s something that I have to deal with on my own.

Green Day released “Warning” in 2000. A lot of people hated the album because it wasn’t the same style as their break through “Dookie” and they got a lot of flak for it. I think it’s an amazing example of punk rock ethos meeting song writing structure from back in the day. It’s also very mature for a punk rock recording.

Now, for the purposes of this blog, Green Day’s title track for their 2000 release, is a bass guitar gem.

Mike Dirnt plays the bass on this, as he always does for the band, and you get a sense of his style without getting hit in the head. In the music video below you get a sense of the bass line that repeats alongside the three chords that Billie Joe plays.

Turn up the bass boost on your mp3 player and listen to the bass line played by Mike on this track:

If you like Green Day's song "Warning", you can purchase it by clicking here. Listen closely for that bass guitar sound.

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