Sunday, January 26, 2014

Esoteric and Stu Bangas Steel Chairs Official Video From Machete Mode Breaks Hip Hop In Two

While the world is watching the Grammys, Esoteric and Stu Bangas completely blows away the competition with talent. I reviewed “Machete Mode” on this website here, and you missed it, because you were too busy calling me a “punk rock” reviewer. The point of this update though, is to showcase an interesting array of clips with some incredible music.

Stu Bangas does beats that are samples and creative experiences from movie soundtracks and more. Some of his work is exactly what you would expect from a 1980s horror flick. Esoteric takes the world of wrestling and pop culture and splits your head open, old school. This video is a line by line comparison chart of the lyrics that Esoteric pushes down and it’s incredible. You’re not going to find another rapper right now that blends this type of lyrical comparisons in such a neat billfold. The use of classic wrestling speaks volumes to me, and possibly you.

You can read more about “Machete Mode” according to what I said about it here, and you can watch the video below. What do you think?

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