Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Greatest Alternative Music Soundtrack Ever or At Least The Mid 90s

angus the motion picture soundtrack
The 90s were an interesting time to be alive. If you loved music, you got pummeled in the face with all the different styles that you could possibly imagine. Unlike any other time, it seemed like you couldn’t get away from the distortion pedal music that filled the airwaves. That is where the year 1995 lands, a mix up of distorted ideals, where Gen X started to realize that their lives couldn’t be so extreme forever. Amidst all that realization came out a movie that had every teenager (including myself) completely blown away. It was the best movie no one saw, and it was right along the same lines as “The Mighty Ducks” and even better, the soundtrack was incredible. That movie, and that soundtrack is none other than “ANGUS”.

The movie aside, this film had an incredible soundtrack of music from Reprise Records, and to this day is the #1 alternative music soundtrack ever created. I say that, no one else may agree, but it went Gold, and by now it’s probably platinum. I even bought the cassette tape. It’s that damn good. The record featured a new Green Day song, and it was in line with what they were doing at the time, putting out good punk edged pop music, as well as tracks that you are going to have a hard time finding anywhere else. For instance, Ash pulls through some tunes, Riverdales jumps to a great Ramones style recording with “Back To You” and Dancehall Crashers put a little ska infection into track 5.

Not convinced? Well then what about alternative namesakes like Weezer, Goo Goo Dolls, The Muffs, Pansy Division, and Smoking Popes added for fine measure. The 90s had a lot of great movies, records, and influential bands playing all types of styles, and this soundtrack showcases that. You get a good mix of everything that came out from the 90s wave of punk and rock music, without the grunge tinge that many people will find missing.

The Angus soundtrack is definitely worth picking up, and will blow you away, if you like this type of music. It’s not for everyone, I admit it. But it goes hand in hand with perhaps one of the best movies about a fat kid getting a kiss from the troubled princess. It’s a story that didn’t happen to me, even though I wanted it to, as a teen. Instead, it reminds me that life is nothing like the movies, but the music, well, the music is always awesome. Ok, not always, but it’s definitely worth picking up right here, for a buck or two. Don’t delay, this is incredible!

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