Monday, January 6, 2014

Mikhail Tank Brings To You A Freedom Song Without Music

“The Shift (Personal Freedom Response System)” is an iconic and vibrant spoken word record that was released on January 4th. It brings about a collection of tracks that are both urgent and powerful. They bring together an iconoclastic viewpoint in such a poetic manner, without being hip hop or rap. It’s a spoken word anthem of thoughts that stream through to your mind’s eye, in such an interesting fashion.

You’ll find that listening to this is an experience, it truly shifts your senses and opens you up to a whole new way of thinking. The thing is, that some things aren’t as new as you may think, they are trapped inside you and me and everyone else that has grown comfortable. Comfort isn’t always the enemy, but it is when you realize that there is so much more outside of the daily hum drum routine that you may be trapped in. It’s that message that comes out clear from the start, and highlighted through the words of Mikhail Tank on this release.

The artist moves through thoughts and musings that reflect love, life, and so much more. For instance, “Stagnation” he pontificates on the trappings of the mundane, and the urgency of freedom within vocabulary that paints an illustrative conscious that you will not get from just listening to any given pop song you may be tempted to listen to. In “My Shape-Shifting Wife” he paints a look at women that really showcases passion, and love with clarity. You will not find that often in music or even spoken word, which makes this iconic in my view.

For those that are seeking something different, something that emits an aura of understanding, and freedom all in the same sentence, this is for you. Mikhail Tank’s “The Shift (Personal Freedom Response System)” is truly a gem that goes beyond spoken word and into the heart and mind of anyone that has hears. I dare you to listen and stay stagnant, you just can’t, it’s incredible how this works. Check it out on amazon here.

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