Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tiffini Truth Derails Preconceived Notions With A Blast of Art and Poetry

In a landscape full of poorly constructed music, and icons that have no real musical prowess, artists are sometimes relegated to doing things outside of the norm. Tiffini Truth is an example of  what true artists can do, pushing the elements of art, design, video and sound. With her latest “Industrial Blues Grinder”, she completely turns the world upside down with a flow of art that will shock you to your core. That is not a bad thing, it’s an absolutely beautiful thing, and it most definitely woke me up.

With the first single, “Sinner” she introduces you to the sounds, lyrics, and visual performance that most will not be ready for. Not since I first saw Karen Black’s videos in a “Disinformation” DVD have I been so intrigued. The juxtaposition of Tiffini Truth’s images define so many underlying messages. Whether you take them as religious or you take them as something else, you will be hard-pressed not to be moved, and perhaps even fall in love with the imagery. She uses all elements of visual design to capture your senses, and has a certain iconoclastic spark, especially around the halfway point of the video. Performance art hasn’t been this urgent in a long time, and it shows in the way the video and sounds flow. I had to watch several times to fully grasp the blend…and can truly say it’s beyond intriguing.

Tiffini Truth moves through another intriguing kaleidoscope of sounds on “Make Me”, which has a sensual eroticism that is showcased through the hammering sound and her vocal performance. It is emphatic, it is simple and then turns completely complex in the way she mixes images, sound, and more. BY the midpoint of her video and performance she captures your mind’s eye in such a strong way, that you will be speechless. As an artist she does something so grand here, and completely electrifies the senses, to the point where you would follow along with this siren’s song.

The next track and performance piece is F.E.A.R and flows through another vibrant energy, taking you through a journey. The grinding mixed with soundscapes and vocalizations, and red imagery cycle through a tribal element that is definitely sensual as it is liberating. It is this type of relationship between art, sound, and design that astonishes, even liberate the musical skeptic.

It’s hard to define what Tiffini Truth does with this release. There is so many layers to it. You can view the videos over and over again, listen to the sound, and flow through transitional energies. You will find something new every time you see, hear, and celebrate the artistry. I for one am fascinated, and I know you will be too.You can check out her official website for more information, and if you get a chance, see her live, this is a unique artist at work, and it's impressive. It speaks volumes to how creative geniuses work.

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