Saturday, January 4, 2014

Simply Diamond Will Make You Swear It’s Neil Diamond Not A Cover

Cover bands are not always grand. I’ve seen a lot of bands try to emulate great artists and have come painfully short of getting anywhere near a high quality reflection. This is especially true with sites like youtube, and it’s sad. But there are a few great ones, and one recently caught my attention, and I was completely floored with how pitch perfect they really were. The band is Simply Diamond, and they are a Neil Diamond cover band, that completely does it right.

From the look, the sound, and the song structures, you will swear it’s Neil himself. I couldn’t believe the sound quality as it really does sound quite well. It’s such an interesting thing to see and hear, and you will definitely find it to be haunting.

Long time Neil Diamond fans will definitely enjoy the performance and sound of Simply Diamond. It’s a fitting tribute, and one that is far better than many others. It’s evident in the video found below:

Even if you were to listen to a Neil Diamond record, or watch a live clip, you will see that they are strikingly similar, and that’s always a great thing when you get a tribute band. There are so many acts that just try to play covers, and don’t really have that impact and gusto that is required. That’s not what you get with Simply Diamond, as they are truly a gem. Music is about passion and not just playing the notes, and that’s why I can truly say that this is a classic. Whether your favorite Neil song is “Sweet Caroline”, “Cherry, Cherry”, “America” or just about any of his hits, Simply Diamond puts on an incredible showcase.

Brian La Blanc, and his band perform the songs and look the part, creating an emotionally stirring and incredible sound that has been gaining a lot of steam. Paul Shaffer of the “Late Show with David Letterman” even commented on the greatness of the sound. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another cover band, or any band that does the music justice like Brian’s band does.

You can learn more about Simply Diamond or book this Neil Diamond Cover Band, by visiting their official page here.

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