Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cheap Music: Face To Face Big Choice

cheap music for cheap people
Face to Face is one of my favorite punk rock bands ever formed. Their documentary really showcased how hard their life was trying to put out music. “Big Choice” was an incredible release at the time, and it sounded like it was recorded in a cave, but who cares, it was fast, it was punk, it was catchy. It was put out in 1994 and was originally released through Victory Music, not to be confused with Victory Records. The band put this album out eventually got put out through A&M Records, however it was an awful experience.

The record has a lot of great songs, and for being a sophomore record, still rocks as hard as it did when I first heard it. I bought the cassette tape when I was a kid. I used to listen to my Walkman non-stop. Regardless, this record is awesome, and it features some of the best hits from the band. Songs like “A-Ok”, “You Lied”, “Disconnected” and “Bikeage” all point to greatness. The re-recorded “Disconnected” is sometimes heard on rock radio, to this day.

They didn’t get big until the radio station here in Los Angeles started rocking the single and boom, they became huge. A lot of critics said this sucks, but they can shove it. Face to Face “Big Choice” is under a buck. Last I checked, on amazon here, it was fifty cents! You gotta get this if you don’t have it already. It’s incredible. Here's Face to Face playing their song live.

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