Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Torrey Mercer Brings About Great Hope With I Believe In Me

Every now and again a pop song will come around with a sincere heart and it will not show up on major music channels. You miss some of the sincerest and most beautiful songs when you’re not paying attention, but they are out there. That’s the case with Torrey Mercer’s single “I Believe In Me”, and it’s an incredible look at how a simple song can transcend the music and hit your heart strings with full force.

Mercer creates an iconic song here, and it’s for anyone that has ever been bullied. A sense of hope springs up through the lyrics, and the song that really does play an incredible role for those that need an uplifting song. It’s not a self-serving, marketing heavy piece, it’s an honest to goodness song about beauty that springs forth when you believe in yourself. It’s the sincerity that fills the musical notes here, as the song really ramps up with an incredible message.

“I Believe In Me” is a wonderful song, and it is truly inspirational in a lot of ways. You will find that it hits home if you let it. Pay attention to the lyrics, the way Torrey Mercer ushers you into painting a picture of hope in a world that is not always friendly or forgiving. It’s that type of honest to goodness soul searching, and iconic lyricism that makes this one a good pop song from an up and coming artist. I am fascinated by the artist and song, and definitely recommend taking note of it. For anyone that has felt pressure, been bullied, or just found that life is hard to live through, this is for you. It’s a heartwarming song and it’s going to make you tear up and smile. I like it.

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