Saturday, July 19, 2014

Race Against Time Fuses Melody and Indie Rock Style From The Heart

Race Against Time may be the moniker for singer/songwriter Vik Kapur, but it’s transcendent. It’s emotionally gripping, and the minute you start to listen to the music, you will be taken into an interesting landscape. The lyrical connections that are provided is definitely one of the most compelling resources that is found here. “Song For Each Day” opens strong, and the mix of instruments is grand, but it’s the lyrical moments, choruses, and snappy tunes that really make this work. You immediately get that feeling of Ted Leo’s work from the past on Jade Tree, which is a great vibe to have as an artist. While Ted Leo’s work differs from Race Against Time, it is in that vein that I find myself enjoying the songs featured on the latest session from this artist.

With each song you hear from Race Against Time, you begin to get a full picture of the talent found with the music. It’s not just an independent rock record or anything like that, it has Indian instrumentation, with a pop feel, but it’s not so far off that you’ll be out of place. In fact, it’s a welcoming mix, and you definitely hear that on “Photograph”. On “Casually Leave” you really hear the Indian influence, more so than on the other tracks, but once again, the lyrics comes through to shine light on another solid song, which is a breath of fresh air. By the time you listen to this one and then pair with “Shadows”, you go through an emotional rollercoaster that is comprised within the music of this incredible artist.

As a music lover, I’m always looking for new music, and this is one of the more compelling releases that I’ve heard from a singer/songwriter in a while. The mix of instruments, lyricism, and focus on production makes an eclectic mix here and one that is definitely worth taking note of. Overall, I would recommend Race Against Time for anyone that loves pop, rock, and independent artists with a focus on emotionally driven acoustic music. It’s this solid recording that should make this artist one to watch in the coming year as the instruments and structure are beyond the scope of what you may have heard already. I recommend listening to the songs released, and mentioned here, I’m impressed.

You can listen to Race Against Fate by visiting the official website here.

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