Plastic Barricades Stuns With The Release of Masterminds

Plastic Barricades is a band that hit me out of the blue. I was listening to the new Echo and The Bunnymen when I switched over, and felt that Plastic Barricades is a nice transition for me from the latter. The release of their latest single, “Masterminds” harkens back to the 1980s alternative rock radio, and it’s a mix of different iconic elements, all rolled into one solid 5 minute track. It really is something that I wasn’t expecting, especially from the independent music scene.

At moments you will find yourself wanting to compare this band to your favorite 1980s post punk groups, but they are beyond that. They get into different cycles through the track, and at one point you realize that this is new, it’s refreshing and it’s going to change the way your playlist is set up. I know that you will do this, because that’s what I did when I heard the song and it’s now a permanent fixture in my playlist. The track is compelling, and it’s unique, switching from straightforward indie alternative, to a bit of a pop sound that is accessible by all.

Plastic Barricades definitely does well on this track, and really made me interested in listening to their other single, “Shine!” and really takes me back to a better place. Amidst my writing assignments, I will definitely be listening to these songs more and more. I love the layered tones, musical interludes, and lyricism that works to paint a broad picture of so much classic and iconic musical moments. It’s by far one of the best singles I’ve heard from the independent music world, and I hear a lot. I love it, check it out, you owe it to yourself to get into some new music.

You can catch up with the band via their official website here, listen to the single on Soundcloud here, listen on Spotify here, and purchase via Itunes here.


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