Saturday, July 26, 2014

Eloni Yawn Captures True Soul and Emotion on No Excuses

There’s no shortage of singers in the rhythm and blues section of the record store, but stand out talent that rises above the traditional is hard to find. When you hear it though, you are wide eyed and impressed, which describes how I feel about this tune. Eloni Yawn really does well on this song, “No Excuses” really pushes a good vibe, and it’s a mix of jazz, club music, and amazing vocals along the top.

From the first moments that you hear the bass line, you know what that you are in for a good tune overall. I was impressed with the high quality mix, and then Eloni’s vocals come in and you’re really taken to a new place of musical integrity. I love the bounce of the music and enjoy the lyrics, as well as the catchy choruses. It’s a very unique track that mixes jazz, funk, and disco into a tangible element that is definitely not used often today.

I like it, it’s a good song and one that represents the talents of Eloni Yawn’s voice. It’s eclectic, it’s talent driven, and it’s a song that is definitely going to be on repeat once you hear it. It very well may become your favorite song as it is a strong contender to get stuck in your head. “No Excuses” is a solid track, and features some excellent production values. I highly recommend that you listen to this track, and don’t forget to turn up the bass on this one. Do a little dance, enjoy your day, and listen to “No Excuses” I highly recommend it.

Mixed by Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child, this is an awesome song worth repetition, so check it out. You can learn listen to this track via soundcloud here, and learn more about Paris Toon here.

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