Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ed Roman Creates a Highly Accessible Country Folk Alternative Record With Letters From high Latitudes

 Ed Roman’s record caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the release of “Letters From High Latitudes” and was pleasantly surprised with the record. The latest release from this talented singer/songwriter flows through a variety of moods as it pens out a mix of songs that can easily be tagged as country, folk, and even some alternative rock vibes. From the moment you hear the rattling of your speakers to “Better Day Blues” to the moment you finish the record at “World Keeps On Turning”, you will be completely bound as a fan of Ed Roman’s mix of songs.

Roman’s lyrics make you think, and if you pay attention you will catch a lot of cool references. “Electric Beauty (Distant Gods)” has to be my favorite of the tracks, including a little nod to Nikola Tesla. The whole record, however, is accessible, triumphant and definitely something that I can see myself and others appreciating over and over again. I especially like how it all flows, and is mixed together. It’s a wonderful mix of sounds, and it’s written with a certain passion and attention to minor details that will catch you singing along sooner than later.

While I say this is a country album, it feels like so much more. The songs are structured well, and they hang on your mind long after you stop listening. I was impressed with how catch the tunes were, and the way Roman’s vocals mix very well over layered guitars, acoustics, percussion, and some nice guitar solos that really make this a stand out recording.

Some of the best tracks include “Better Day Blues”, “Electric Beauty (Distant Gods”, “I Found”, “Jamaica”, “Tinker”, and so much more. The 13 tracks all feel important, and they are like slices of pizza, each one making the whole stand out so much more. No matter what genre of music is your favorite, this record is going to find you smiling and singing, it’s a strong release, and one that really impressed me. I’ll definitely be spinning this one around the house a great deal.

You can catch up with Ed Roman, listen to music and more via his official website here, facebook here, twitter here, and of course youtube channel here.

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