Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daniell Nelson Combines Genres on Tomorrow To Create A Solid Message

Daniell Nelson releases an interesting mix of hip hop and pop with a tangent of world music on this recording. The song “Tomorrow” really pushes a message, it shines light on the things that are going on with a lot of different people today, and it questions the future in comparison to this day. Speaking on the ills of life and trying to reach a new plateau of hope Nelson’s track produces the kind of thought provoking message that is worth paying close attention towards.

The flow of this track features both melody and rap that is very solid. It bounces, and it definitely feels like a bigger track than it is. It’s repetition, and use of rhyme schemes to illustrate the overall message is definitely not lost here. I like how Nelson’s poetry shines throughout. It feels a lot like slam poetry, and free thinking or improvisational communication. Each word hits you with a focus on society today and it really pushes your mind to think about heavenly things.

Daniell Nelson rises above the norm, and does so in a way that comes across as sincere, and passionate about the message with this release. It pulls no punches, and it’s repetition grows on you from the first minute you hear it until the last seconds of the rhythm.

Overall, “Tomorrow” is a song that makes you want to hear more. Whether you’re religious or not, there’s something about this song that pulls you in and continues to follow you after you’ve heard it. I was singing it to my cat after hearing it for the first time, and while Ronnie is usually more of a metal minded cat, she seemed to enjoy my lackluster vocals singing along with the track. All in all, this is a good one to check out and definitely keep an eye out from more tracks from this talented up and coming artist.

You can check out this track, "Tomorrow" on cdbaby here.

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