Saturday, July 12, 2014

Delyric Oracle Dives Into A New Era of Hip Hop With Vanilla Sky

I’ve heard a lot of hip hop in my day, and a lot of it seems forced, over produced, or lacks that certain intangible quality that makes things great. However, there are still artists and independent rappers that are trying to get noticed, and they are doing it without the push of major labels and without the over production of studios that can mire the essence of hip hop’s spirit. With the release of “Vanilla Sky” you’re going to get hit with an eclectic blend of beats, and sinister flow from Delyric Oracle.

Delyric Oracle goes big on the release, and it’s an astonishing elemental fusion of hip hop’s best from the past and the present into one very laid back flow. It’s a calm flow, but it speeds up, slows down, and forces you to listen as the presentation of all sorts of ideas gets released into your veins. You’ll hear rhymes that you just can’t believe are put together, coupling words and ideas that are nothing short of incredible. From the first track of “Paper Beats”, you will get a swagger that comes from an MC that is not only standing tall, but is trying to shake things up amidst a world of contrived hip hop.

Stand out tracks on the record include “Paper Beats”, “Damn Man”, “Chit Chatter”, “Do You Do You?” and “Lock Dis Down”, but that’s not to say the other tracks aren’t important. This is an album that you have to listen to whole, as it comes with a larger message, and all of it is worth taking in like strong medicine.

You will find that Delyric Oracle is unique, different, refreshing, and will completely shine a light on what you feel is hip hop and rap. She blurs the genre, and doesn’t just stick to the same old formula, throwing paint on a canvas that so desperately needs change. The best way I can describe her work is to compare it to modern art like Jackson Pollock, throwing words, beats, and ideas out in chaos and folding her arms into a dynamic and impressive recording. Delyric Oracle’s work is mystifying in the presentation, and you’ll definitely not hear another artist like her.

You can listen to Delyric Oracle and try to figure out the rapper's world via Reverbnation here.

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