Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In Isolation Paints An Incredible Post Punk Portrait with Tears

I recall going on a date once where a girl claimed she liked 1980s post punk and ska music. After asking a few questions, I realized that she didn’t know a thing about the genres and well, we never went out again. That has nothing to do with In Isolation, or their incredible single “Tears”, except for the fact that they are playing on my emotions with their vibrant creation of 1980s style post punk music. I swore I was being placed back in time to a place where rude boys ran the streets and the radio was iconic. Well, maybe that’s not exactly true, but this is one of the best tracks in that regards that I’ve heard by a modern act in a long time.

Sure, there are a lot of mainstream bands that are trying to bring this sound back, but they fail to progress through the talent and production quality that is presented with this upcoming single. You’ll find that In Isolation fits directly next to The Cure and all your new wave favorites. They do so with seamless production, quality vocals and classic lyrical assault that will completely bring you back to another place. This is the type of single that will have you hitting the play button over and over again. I can only imagine how messed up the 7” record would be if I got my hands on it because it deserves to be heard over and over again.

As for now, however, you can stream it, and you can eventually purchase it through the normal mediums. In Isolation creates a rich layered sound that will completely knock you on your butt. I love it, and my cat Ronnie loves it too. She’s a kitten and woke up to the sound of “Tears” playing, only to fall asleep on the subwoofer, so there you have it, Ronnie James Dio (my 6 week old cat) approved single from in Isolation. You absolutely owe it to yourself to listen to this track and the rest of their songs, I’m impressed, and completely enthralled by the sound.

You can follow the band via their official website here, check them out on Facebook here, and get the music on band camp here. You will not regret checking these guys out, I sure am a fan now. They are now officially in my Spotify playlist, and I will be putting on my skinny tie tonight. Mark the calendar for July 21st, this could very well be the next big radio hit...I sure hope they make it big, this is epic. Oh, and one more thing, check out the song via sound cloud here.

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