Friday, July 18, 2014

Vero Writes From The Heart On Look What God Did

I’ve heard a lot of rap music in my day, and a lot of is contrived. When I hear from a good artist, I pay attention to how the put together words, how the production values work to showcase a message, and of course whether or not I will listen to it again. I’ve been fortunate enough to discover some great work from the world of underground hip hop, and this is another great one. Vero drops “Look What God Did” and it’s an incredible mixtape that features a great amount of honesty through the story telling that Vero pushes forward. It’s a combination of laid back rhymes, honest story telling and a lot of moments that pull at your mind’s eye.

The mixtape has a lot of different elements to it, not giving the listener one style or rhyme scheme, and that’s where Vero really shines. He finds a way to incorporate all sorts of musical flavors to rhyme over, and the eclectic sounds makes this one of the stronger mixtapes that I’ve heard in a while. Just the jump from “Mr. Hyde-And-Seek” to “Pickup or Delivery” is an example of how the artist can flow through different elements with ease. His delivery is clever, never being contrived or forced, focusing on the lyricism with elements of music that will keep you in tune, and right when you think you’re going to turn it off, he surprises you with a solid rhyme to bring you back. I like the way the mix works to keep your attention through more than just the standard rhymes and reasons, it truly is a solid testament to the rapper’s focus.

As far as rap goes, Vero’s “Look What God Did” mixtape has some solid songs on it. You’ll find yourself tapping along, singing along at times, and listening closely to the messages and stories that Vero is pushing forward. He does it with a very slick style at times, allowing the words to fall out with a certain vocal penmanship that is often not found with rappers. He’s clear, he rhymes well, and the mix is well put together. Nothing feels out of place. It’s a solid release, and something that will definitely get you thinking time and time again. Stand out tracks include, “Mic Check”, “Pickup or Delivery”, “INAS3NSE”, “The Weirdo”, “Our Religion”, and as a whole the mix stands out as a complete work that shouldn’t be taken apart. I like it. I recommend it, and definitely can’t wait to see what else Vero throws out there.

Check out the mixtape via here.

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