Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The F5 Four Creates a Whole New Old School Jam of a Record With Tornado Breakdown

I get tired of modern music. It’s evidenced by my playlists and constant search for new records to listen to. I like old and new, but a lot of the modern stuff is boring and well, overplayed. I’m always delighted by hearing people working on music that is inspired and creative, and that’s exactly what came across my desk today. The F5 Four has released a record that is downright one of the best appealing records I’ve heard in a long time. The band’s release “Tornado Breakdown” creates a perfect summer record to share with family friends, or to put on during the holiday weekends when you’re cooking out.

The musical style here is what is called prairie jazz, mixing elements and creating a rich tapestry of sound. You have solid acoustic guitar work, incredible strings, and jazzy interludes that will fit with any jazz record you have heard. The vocals make this one stand out, as they are laid back and brought together with sheer balance. In fact, there is an incredible balance to this record that is missing from a lot of other acts. Some of the songs, including “Cold” remind me of Mike Ness’s solo work, to give you a slight idea of how eclectic this record is.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a mix of country and jazz, with a sprinkle of alternative acoustic vibes and stand-up bass guitar tones, which is fine, but it is not rockabilly or swing. Some may think my descriptions will fit in that category, but the band is doing something down home, different, and all together welcome. The F5 Four really play well together and create a sound that is true Americana in essence. It’s this type of framework that you will want to put on during those warm summer nights, as it truly is fitting. It’s like watching a documentary by Ken Burns, but with music. The lyrics aren’t necessarily educational lessons, so don’t worry, it’s a mix of storytelling, emotions and poetry. I like it.

“Tornado Breakdown” is by far the most unique record I’ve heard in a long time. It combines elements of several genres, but at the end of the day, it’s prairie, jazz, and country mixed into a very good mix. It’s this type of creativity that is missing from modern radio, and it’s a crying shame. Stand out tracks include, “Perfect on Paper”, “Cold”, “Is That a Man or a Fool”, “Up Gertie” and “Tornado Breakdown”. It all plays well, and I love the way it flows. You will like it too, guaranteed.

You can catch up with the band by going to their official website here, their facebook page here. You can also follow them on twitter here, and get the record via iTunes here or on Bandcamp here.

Check out a live track, and see what I mean about creative genius below:

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