Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sulking Brood Creates a Rich Independent Rock Sound on Blood Orange

Sulking Brood’s latest release “Blood Orange” is definitely one of the better independent release that I’ve heard recently. The duo puts together layered music in the vein of Tiny Victories, and does it well enough to easily match up with any duo that is producing music of this type. Not quite electric, not quite rock, not really pop, this mixed genre approach works on a lot of different levels and is exactly what many college radio stations are playing right now.

You get hit with an immediate warmth with the track “Feeling New” then you start to roll through a variety of different tracks that bring together the concept of “Blood Orange” in a very eclectic way. Each track jumps from one end of the musical spectrum to the other and at the end of the 10 tracks, you are left with an iconic representation of independent spirit. There is no shortage of styles here, and each one is represented through the varying tracks, that will send you through a variety of spaces.

Whether it’s the guitar filled intro of “Am I Gonna Have to Read Your Mind?” or it’s the spatial sounds that come with “Fish Song”, there is a lot to enjoy on the release. It’s this type of music that first introduced me to Jade Tree a long time ago. You will definitely find bands trying to emulate this sound today, but they are not doing it quite as well as Sulking Blood is doing it right now. It’s their focus on implementing several sounds with the vocal approach that makes this a compelling release.

You are going to want to set aside some time to listen to this interesting project, as it is a refreshing take on the indie rock genre. Stand out tracks include “Feeling New”, “Simple Spell”, “I’m Glad You Came My Way”, “You Don’t Seem to Care”, and “Where’d She Go”, but the whole album is a good one. I appreciated the sound on display and urgency of the vocals, alongside the lyrical elements that pull on your heart strings. Like I said up front, it’s one of the better independent records I’ve heard this year.

If you like bands like American Football, Joan of Arc, and the rest of the Jade Tree bands, this is going to definitely find a home with you. Check out their band camp page here, and support their music, it’s well worthwhile.

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