Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rasplyn Creates Astounding Artistry Through The Release of Scenes Through The Magic Eye

“Circle Round” sold me on Rasplyn’s release. “Scenes Through The Magic Eye” filled my office with music that seemed to drive me into a circle of artistry, I had been pining for all day. It hadn’t been a great day here at Sell Out Records HQ, but as soon as I started to pay more attention to Rasplyn’s release, I was drawn into a world of beauty, art, and magic. This compelling first track is an exciting introduction into a world of musical clarity that should not be ignored.

On this release of 7 tracks, you get layered musical instrumentation, compelling and artistic vocals, with a “world music” vibe that is hard to narrow down. It’s not really “one” thing, as it is pure art. There’s bits and pieces from all sorts of sounds, instruments, and elements that are very much artistic in nature. From far off lands to symphony inspired notes, to beautiful landscapes of musical creativity, you’re really taken on a journey through time and space. “Priestess of the Goddess” for example, is a tune that fits quite well into the background of epic movies, and video games. Close your eyes and you will be whisked away into a new land, a new hope, and beautiful music that is in the clouds.

As a whole, “Scenes Through The Magic Eye” is by far the best mix of instrumental and vocal music I’ve heard in a long time. It is well balanced, creates compelling narratives through song, and really is well worth your time. I absolutely fell in love with “Circle Round”, “Open Door”, and “Among The Stars”, but as a whole, this record is just fascinating. I’m completely floored by the intricate details here, the notes, and arrangements as well as the simplicity of the tunes at times. There’s something deep here, and you will find that it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard. I love it. Carolyn O’Neill’s solo project here is far more compelling than anything I’ve heard in a while. I love it.

You can learn more about this record from Mythical Records here, the official Rasplyn site here, and the Mythical Records twitter page here. Carolyn O’Neill’s creativity flourishes here, and is in fact a testament to her musical prowess.

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