Sunday, November 2, 2014

Whole Wheat Bread Hearts of Hoodlums Still Rocks Harder Than Mainstream Rock

Whole Wheat Bread is a band that doesn’t get enough credit today. I first saw them in 2006 (I think) when they toured with Reel Big Fish and MXPX. They opened the show and it was a spectacular display of punk rock ethos by three individuals that knew how to write a hook and drive through some catchy songs. The trio was able to rap too so it wasn’t all just punk rock elemental displays. I found their work to be quite good and ended picking up their record that day. They’ve been bouncing around the underground scene and even put out a record with my man MURS (I don’t really know MURS), and that was solid.

In 2009, they put out “Hearts of Hoodlums” and I still think it should get more spins than it does. In my attempt to shine light on more music within this site, I am going to recommend you look up this record, and pick it up. This record features everything you’d expect from a new school punk rock record, but it has a lot of themes and ideas that would permeate with urban, African American culture. Like the song “Throw Your Sets Up”, which seeks to glorify gang culture in a way, but really just comes across as an anthem for being proud of your city. I’m not proud of my city, but maybe one day I’ll throw my set up.

The stand out tracks include “Bombs Away”, “Throw Your Sets Up”, “I Can’t Think”, “Blood Stains and Bite Marks”, as well as “Every Man For Himself”. However, this is no throwaway punk record. There’s a lot of solid song writing and structure to all of this, and it’s one of the better records you’re going to pick up that mixes the hip hop ethos and smashes it with the punk rock that is normal on Fat Wreck Chords and others.

Pick up Whole Wheat Bread’s “Hearts of Hoodlums” here, and make sure that you follow up on this act if they come through your town.

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