Thursday, November 20, 2014

Miriam Crespo Brushes Upon Greatness With Thierry’s Song

Miriam Crespo got me, right in the heart with this track. This folk, country, rock tune is such a good mix of music. It’s got a real folk sound, but with an indie push that reminds me a bit of Neko Case, but a bit more mature in sound. This is a very heart filled website, and it’s the first track from the artist’s upcoming record.

This is a strong song full of emotion. It tells a story, and it paints you a picture. It’s as though someone is there with you, talking to you about the world around them. I found myself having to listen to this track several times as the overall emotion poured through the lyrics.

There’s always something unique about folk and country singers, especially when you start to break down the overall flow of their vocals and connect the dots of their backing bands. Miriam Crespo’s vocals flow nicely over the eclectic band that gives you several notes to float on. I love the interludes, the notes, and the vocals which all connect to the soul. I love it.

“Thierry’s Song” is a very good taste to what very well may be a break out record coming through next year. For now, Miriam Crespo’s track does everything right. It hooks you, it tells you a story, and it has a solid composition.

Check out more from Miriam Crespo via Soundcloud here, and keep a look out for the new record coming in Spring 2015.

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