Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thorne Puts Out The Parade And Brings Me To Tears

Ok, so I didn’t cry, but wow, what a voice. Thorne’s “The Parade” is one of the most incredible songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s powerful, and it features incredible lyrical elements, amidst tracking that is nothing short of breath taking. At the chorus point I was completely enthralled with this track, and I could see it play through the moments of my life. I could see moments of happiness, sadness, and introspection come through as I listened to the beauty come through the speakers.

I absolutely love the mix here, with passionate singing and percussion that comes through with acoustic guitar work. I am completely impressed by the ease of the musical landscape painted here, as it truly shines with such an easy going attitude. At the second minute, I found myself in a whole new world of music. “I want you to cry”, the lyrics come through and hit me hard. Thorne has a way of singing to me, as if I were the only one in the audience, and that’s the sign of an incredible artist. When you feel like it’s just you and the artist in a room, they win, and I for one love this track.

Thorne creates a beautiful kaleidoscope here, and when you look into it, you get hit with a refraction of emotional connections you don’t usually get from music. I love the way this track bleeds through your soul, and makes you remember the lines, and repeats in your mind’s eye. It’s a compelling track of epic proportions, and I for one am recommending it to everyone I know. Turn this up, listen, and pay attention to what very well may be the next big thing in music.

You can listen to Thorne’s “The Parade” here. Check out the official Thorne site here as well.

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