Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shane Sebastian Shines on LA LA In Impressive Fashion

Shane Sebastian complete floored me with the track “LA LA”. I wasn’t really sure what to expect upon first hearing the track, and as soon as it got into gear, I was sold on the song. Within a minute, you’ll find yourself swimming in a world of emotion. It’s a lovely tune with some very introspective and eclectic moments. I loved hearing the balance here, moving through a strong vocal arrangement, and good sound amidst layered music.

You will find that the song really comes alive around a minute, as things really come together in such a strong manner. You may find yourself thinking about David Bowie in how the vocals are dynamic on this tune. They elevate the song to another level, and definitely brings forth a great emotional connection. Acoustic guitar work, electronic elements, and powerful vocals lead through “LA LA”, and it’s hard to really put your finger on. So many pieces come together here and the song really shines.

Shane Sebastian has a real winner here, and I am completely enthralled in the track. You’re going to find that it’s unique, powerful, and really evokes a sense of emotion. You have to listen to this, it’s a great new track.

Check out this artist's Soundcloud single page here, and of course the official Shane Sebastian website here.

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