Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hong Kong Danger Duo Comes Out With A Vibrant Alternative Uppercut On The Release of Their New EP

Hong Kong Danger Duo is such a cool name, I wish I would’ve thought of it first. The release of their debut EP marks an incredible start to what very well may become a long career for this band that plays a mix of rock fused with lots of genres, and definitely defies the monikers I can think of. The self-titled EP starts strong with “Haymaker’s Son” and drives through layered guitar riffs, percussion, and strong vocals amidst electronic backdrops. There’s so much here, that you’ll have a hard time pinpointing any one given direction, and that’s a powerful thing with this debut.

The songs flow together with a strong blues rock feel, but there are moments of metallic glory, and a streamlined fuzz that is going to definitely pique your interests. With “City Smog” you get a southern rock style, and some nice guitar work flowing with lyrical elements that are stronger than what you will hear on the radio today. It’s a strong second song, and leads right into the heavy “Flatline” to finish off the EP with a great powerful component.

At the end of the day, Hong Kong Danger Duo pushes out a good EP to introduce their brand of rock to the world. It’s heavy, it’s eclectic, it features a layered rock and roll ethic that you will not find with a lot of bands today. Think Led Zeppelin meets Jack White with a more pronounced percussion twist. Then again, throw those names out, and just listen to this EP and come up with your own comparisons, it’s a solid release, that should get this band a lot of recognition. The third track alone is worth buying this record for, it’s a strong rock song that will get you moving in the morning.

Check out more information on Hong Kong Duo via their official site here, and Facebook here. Listen to their record via Spotify, Amazon, or buy it wherever you may find it, it’s a solid release, I recommend it greatly.

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