Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shid Latta Takes You On A Whole New Journey With High

I previously reviewed a track from Shid Latta here, and was impressed with his delivery and lyricism. This time around he’s got a new record out, and a single that smashes together some incredible beats, in order to create a whole new track of epic proportions. This track, “High” produced by Hippie Sabotage drops serious lyrical elements. Shid Latta bounces through serious emotional heart felt lyrics about loss and the honesty is up front. It hits you hard with reality, and if you’ve ever loved and lost you know exactly what he’s talking about with this track.

I’ve heard a lot of remixes and productions, but this is one that is done right. Right when you think you’ve figured out where this is going, Shid Latta comes through with a different take, a new verse, and rolls it into the beats with relative ease. It’s the craft that really works here, and promotes the right elements of hip hop with a far more diverse range of ideas than you would normally expect.

By the time you hit the end of the single, you’re left with serious contemplative elements. Heart break is no joke, and it’s definitely on display with this song. If you haven’t been keeping up with this up and coming rapper, you need to pay attention now. If “High” doesn’t get you, wait until you hear the rest of his offerings, including “How It Is” and other tracks on Sound Cloud. This guy is stepping up to becoming the next big thing out of Baltimore, so don’t sleep on this.

If you’re a hip hop fan, you need to go to Sound Cloud here and check out this track here, or visit Reverb nation here and pay attention to what’s coming through. This is great hip hop, and needs more listens, so check it out. You need to seek out the latest record from Shid Latta, "LOVE + OTHERx DRUG$" and turn it up to 11, it's a solid endeavor.

Make sure that you also check out Shid Latta on facebook here, and follow him on twitter here!

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