Monday, November 17, 2014

Panda Bear Creates a Musical Art Piece You Need To Listen To Right Now

Panda Bear is the brain child of Noah Lennox. Don’t remember that name? Well, he’s the founding member of Animal Collective, and the guy has been pushing music for quite some time. In this release he takes a bottle, smashes it open, and then makes art of the pieces. I mean that in a musical way, as this is an experimental EP that delivers on all the right pieces, and creates an image of the artist that you are not going to find with other albums right now. “Mr. Noah” is an EP that is all over the place in consideration of arranging music. It doesn’t have a set genre, although the electronic vibe is definitely in place here. You get a mosaic of sounds when you listen, and it’s very creative, and personal on many levels.

“Faces In The Crowd” stands out as my favorite track, as it goes up and down in terms of sound design and features some very interesting notes. I like the way it flows through the noise and comes together with vocals that are all but poignant, and saturated underneath a wall of sounds. Simply put, it’s a strong track of unique musicianship. “Untying The Knot” is another grand opus for me, and it really shows off Panda Bear’s intricate layering, albeit simple to some. I love the flow of the record, going from one end of the spectrum to another in terms of influence. You will not find yourself thinking that his is a droning record that just plays on the same note over and over again, as many other solo projects seem to do these days.

Panda Bear’s “Mr. Noah” EP is a solid example of experimental independent music. It’s definitely full of life and interesting parameters. I like it, and definitely recommend it to fans of indie recordings. It’s hard to put this one in one genre, and can only be exemplified as an artistic approach to musicianship. You owe it to yourself to check this out.

You can listen to this record via Spotify here, or you could check out the official Panda Bear website here.

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