Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sursum Verbo Drives Home An Indie Rock Sound With Fool

Sursum Verbo has released a strong contender for my favorite record this year. I know I say that a lot, but seriously, there’s so much good music coming across my desk that I don’t know what to do with myself. This is another shining gem for me, and as soon as I heard “9 Volt” I was sold. The track reminds me of early Tooth and Nail Records releases, when they were still pushing art and music together. This is a classic example of indie rock, but with a twist here and there.

With “Fool” Sursum Verbo tap into something that makes indie rock so good. The record uses a steady stream of guitar, percussion, and strong vocals to create a resounding sound that echoes across your home. I turned it up loud, and tried to dance with my kitty. She was having none of it, granted she just got spayed and is mad at me, but still this is a solid recording. On the track “What You Can”, I was sold with the bass line intro. As a bass player myself, I always love strong bass lines coming up front, and that’s what you get on this track.

It’s not just those tracks that won me over, as you get good movement with “Mercy”, “Looking Back”, and “These Rooms” as well. This deserves more listens, and really does do a lot for the band. If you’re a fan of bands like The Velvet Teen, Interpol, and even The Muffs, you’re going to find this release to be a strong contender for your favorite as well. There’s a lot here, even with only 5 tracks, and it really appeals to the indie fan in me.

Enough of my rambling, pick up Sursum Verbo’s “Fool” Ep and see what I’m talking about. It’s one of my favorite records right now, and it very well may become one of yours. Oh, and don't forget to visit their official website here, and keep up with their latest and greatest moves.

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