Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kava Music Takes On Pure Creativity With The Release of Transmissions

Kava took the idea of recording tracks in 3 cities, each one for each member’s home town and created what very well may be the most creative use of electronic music you’ve heard in a minute. “Transmissions” is set to be released in 11/11, and it’s by far one of the coolest fusions of digital music you’re going to hear this year. It’s presented with a certain passion that really comes through on the record. I found myself not only listening to this at home with my cats, but also streaming it on my phone while I did a quick session at my local skate park.

There’s a vibrancy found here that moves your ears , with some robotic elements that rival some of the artists you may already know. I thought “Elevation Repair” was right out of the book of Gandalf’s Beat Machine, but right when I wanted to peg this as a comparison, there’s a balance that shocks the system and creates something new. I like how you can’t predict where the tracks are going, and there’s a fluidity to this that is very much psychedelic in the approach. “OverRoad” is a prime example of this journey, one that seems to be taking you one way, but delivers you soundly in another.

There are some strong showings here, a record that truly isn’t relegated to the same thing over and over again. I was delighted with the mix, and found several tracks to be anthemic in their use of sounds. “Happenstance” for instance is a journey into another dimension, and really reverberates through the speakers.

Aside from my personal favorites mentioned, you’ll find that there are some stellar tracks here including “Book of Faces”, and “Blinking Sun” for instance. These are not throwaway tracks to fill an album, each track represents something to you the listener and the artists that are creating them. It’s this type of integral musical placement that makes “Transmissions” a must own recording. It’s layered, it’s poignant, it’s futuristic, and yet it’s firmly rooted in the past as well. I love it.

Check out Kava via SoundCloud here, and their official website here. You don’t want to miss this one, it’s a brilliant showing.

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