Thursday, November 6, 2014

War Poets Craft An Excellent EP With Hot And Cold American Relationships

There was a time when I would purchase every single record released from Jade Tree Records. When playing the latest War Poets disc, I was brought back to that era in my life. Jade Tree introduced me to this type of song writing. It wasn’t emo, it was indie, but it had more lyrical integrity than the genres, it had a deep sense of communication and emotion that made me a music fan of all genres. It’s with that in mind that War Poets have created an outstanding EP that molds and shapes musical genres into something pure. With the release of “Hot and Cold: American Relationships”, you are driven through several themes, melodies, and songs that will be welcomed by even the hardest of critics.

This all starts very well with “Say No More”, and goes through “Perfect One”, “Upside Down”, and an introspective “Know The Way”, before coming through on the last 2 tracks in full circle of musical themes. The lyrical elements are all very well put together, throwing together a mix of emotions that are very much common place for music. Love, loss, struggle, and so much more are painted here and that’s definitely felt through the mix of acoustic guitars, percussion, and vocals that blend very well through the music.

The record feels full, as you get towards the end. “Bits and Pieces” is my favorite track, putting together a soft touch to the strong vocals across the record. There’s a subtle beauty found on the track, and it’s a nice break from the four previous tracks. It’s a testament to the release, as you start to think that the next track will be predictable, but nope, a new style and format comes through, and it’s solid.

Just when you think that the record is done, “Ones Who Love” comes through with a nice alternative rock feel and you’re whisked away in the War Poets boat to a new world. Overall “Hot and Cold: American Relationships” is an outstanding EP and part of the proceeds go to help find a cure for Cystic-fibrosis, so go get this record and support a good cause, and get some awesome tunes.

You can learn more about War Poets via their official Facebook page here, and pick up the record on itunes here, as well as other outlets. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s a great EP.

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