Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JP Kallio Creates A Simple Story With Each Song on Tell My Darling

There is a simplicity to the music that J.P. Kallio emerges with on his latest release “Tell My Darling”. The lyrics create a grand display, but the music is toned down, simple, and yet there’s a slow dichotomy, one that is complex in nature. The duality of complexity in imagery and musical inspiration collides to make a fascinating end result. I love the lines in the songs, including the track “They Don’t Make Them Anymore Like That”, as it is a stand out track that speaks volumes. The toned down nature of this record is introspective, almost like a worship album, tribute to art, it’s intriguing as you unravel the album as a whole.

It’s on “Soul” that you have to turn up your speakers and really pay attention. The subtlety of the intro mixed with the moving lyrics begin to paint you the picture of a larger scale. It’s masterful in the way it’s presented, comes through to showcase the talent of J.P. Kallio’s guitar work, and melodies. This song truly magnifies the “Tell My Darling” album as a whole, and it really is something that has much more than to offer than the sum of its parts. If you have a poetic bone in your body, you’ll appreciate this track a great deal. As the album progresses, you are treated to more acoustic songs with a mix of instruments that will heal the soul in many ways. I can truly appreciate this work, and while it has a country tone at times, it crosses over into acoustic rock and even pop at times. It’s seamless in that transition, and something that is definitely a strength to the record.

Overall, J.P. Kallio invites you on a journey, one that is full of life, love, loss, and introspective lyrics. There are moments when you are there with him, hearing him sing you a song, tell you a story, and create a masterpiece of emotion. It hits you hard, if you pay attention. It’s a good record, one that deserves a lot of attention. As a whole, “Tell My Darling” is a full and impactful record, and something that is definitely going to be loved by his fans, and new comers alike. Listen up, this is a good one, I like it, I recommend it.

Keep up with J.P. Kallio on his official website here, and support this very interesting and powerful artist.

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