Friday, September 5, 2014

Figures of Light Pound Through 4 Mixes of Electronic Glory With The Open Door

Figures of Light always surprises me. They continually transcend genres, and don’t want to be put into a box. Every release they unleash on the masses has something new to say, and features a different style. Instead of just being a punk band, garage rockers, or any other formulaic artist, they take the rule book and shove it in a meat grinder. What comes out is genius, and the electronic music they have released with “The Open Door” is going to punch you in the mouth if you’re not paying attention.

The starting track leads you through a simplistic opening, and then drops you into an abyss of techno mastery. “The Open Door (For Lou Reed)” features DJ Chrisz (on all tracks) and gives you an introduction to what’s to come. Imagine a roller coasters steady progression up to the highest peak and the calm before it drops you into freefall, and you get this track. It’s a starting point that builds slowly and calms you a bit before you inevitably move into what will cause you to wake up.

“It’s a Scream” gets 2 different mixes here, and the last track “Bangin’ (Ultra Hardcore Mix) is a triumph of electronic music, fueled by punk ethos and a video game soundtrack from the 1990s. I’m reminded of the many wasted hours I played Quake 2 instead of doing my homework, and it’s awesome. I may just load up a few rounds of Quake just because.

This 4 track release from Figures of Light is pulse pounding, eclectic, and sure to bring you to a new existence of music appreciation. If you haven’t figured it out yet, then this will give you yet another chapter in what very well may be the most prolific, and genius band to ever hit the musical landscape.

Here's a taste of the journey upwards to the peak of Everest before you're let go into a landscape of frenetic energy. Learn more via Figures of Light's official website here.

Check out this killer track below: Figures of Light - It’s A Scream (Halloween Mix with DJ Chrisz)

Figures of Light - It's A Scream (Halloween Mix with DJ Chrisz) from Wheeler Winston Dixon on Vimeo.

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