Monday, September 1, 2014

The Electrets Put On A Punk Rock Inspired Showcase On The Release of Misfit

In my world of music, you either have something good or you don’t. I know I highlight a lot of the good on this site, but that’s only because I have chosen not to talk about bands that I dislike or hate. I did that in the past, and those articles serve no purpose, so when I find a band that is worth listening to, I jump forward and praise them for their work. That’s exactly what I’m doing with The Electrets. Their release of “Misfit” completely floored me, and I’m so surprised that I haven’t heard of these ladies and their incredible punk rock noise. They have a certain intangible that I used to look for when I had my record label back in 2001. The band puts together all the elements that made The Ramones and even The Huntingtons shock with awesome rocking tunes.

On the EP, The Electrets put on a showcase of talent and it’s not just the same old Ramones style rock, it’s something more. You get keyboards at times, you get awesome solos, and a certain horror movie quality to the lyrics. I am reminded of The Misfits at times, but with a crunch that makes this unique, and really not categorized in just one genre. I love the tracks, they fit the motif quite well and everything is played up to perfection. The crunch of the guitars, the percussion that comes through, and the bass lines that make me miss my old bass guitar (RIP Winnie). “Elephant In The Room” is a stand out track, but it’s “Misfit” that really hit me hardest, pushing that punk rock ethos in my face and forcing me to stop picking my ear with a pen. (a bad habit, I know)

For all intents and purposes this record is a solid outing, and it’s one of my favorites to come out in recent years. There’s a garage rock, punk, and alternative fusion happening. I love the way that this record can be dark, but in an old school Frankenstein type of way. It’s only 6 tracks, but I want more, and I truly believe this can very well become your next favorite band. There’s so much talent here, and so much to adore. This is a record that should get The Electrets famous, and I am glad to have heard them before they are on tour with Rancid or something. They don’t have the edge of The Distillers, but they don’t need it, they’re punk rock, they’re rock, they’re awesome. True fans of the genre will find this to be in the same category of early Ramones, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, and so many others. I am not sure I can stop listening to “Misfit” it’s such a cool record. I’m in love, must see these guys live, you must see them, support them, I wish I had a bigger voice to get these guys more attention.

Check out the band’s music via Soundcloud here, check out their facebook page here, and watch out for my twitter admirations that I will be throwing their way. Stop reading, and start listening, I have a new favorite band right now. Oh and go to itunes here, and keep track of them.

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