Saturday, September 13, 2014

Phillip Presswood Creates An Transcendent Pop Orchestral Sound That Must Be Heard

Phillip Presswood creates music that is absolutely different than what you may expect from artists today. It’s pop, but not in a traditional sense. There’s an orchestral sound that comes through the music, and when the vocals come in, you get a sense of a greater genre, one that is transcendent. It’s easy to peg this as one thing, but there’s so much complexity here, it’s quite fascinating. You’ll find that the prolific artist has created a number of records, and songs that all capture the emotion and raw power of music at the core, and then unleash an artistic spin that is missing from a lot of today’s music.

It’s with “At The Water’s Edge” that you first get a glimpse of the power of Phillip Presswood’s production quality. The track comes from “Beauty For Ashes”, his latest record coming soon. It’s a viscerally charged track that will absolutely floor you with a sense of musical integrity and composition that is just vital to your ears. I found it had moments of great power, presence, and a classical touch that really envelopes your soul. There’s an angelic notion to this, and something that I had to listen to several times because of the high quality nature of the composition. It’s like going to church, but without the pretense, and I for one love it.

You can compare the songs and focus to that of Enya, but there’s something that flows a bit differently here. I found that there’s something intangible that makes the music travel through your ears and give you visions of beauty and more. It’s an iconic type of sound, and just flows so well. It’s hard to put Phillip Presswood’s music in one box or genre, and that’s what really pushes through here. When you sit and listen to the tracks, you will find a stellar arrangement, introspective lyrics, and brush strokes of a musical nature. It’s compelling, and that’s all you need to know. Listen up and see why this very well may be your new favorite artist.

Check out Phillip Presswood’s official website here, and make sure that you check out the sample below. It’s a refreshing take on music, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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