Monday, September 29, 2014

Arjun Puts On A Musical Clinic With The Release of Core

I admit, I have been through the wringer lately. Traveling across the country, my car breaking down, and missing my sister’s wedding all happened in the last few days. I felt terrible, and another thing I forgot was to review Arjun’s latest release sooner. I’m kicking myself hard right now because this is an album that should’ve been up and reviewed a lot sooner. All that aside, Arjun’s latest record “Core” blew me away within 30 seconds. The first song “Rocks” is perhaps one of the most solid instrumental songs I’ve heard in a long time. I love instrumental rock music, but this is on par with some of the best ever played. It’s well conceptualized it’s perfectly played, and brings together a certain jazz quality through every change of sound design. It rocks hard, but it does so with such a precise and exclusively unique manner. It goes from rock, metal, jazz, and even a bit of reggae bass, all without leaving you hanging, and it’s a perfect start to what I call a perfect record.

You really get a feel for what Arjun is doing by track 3, and you start to wonder where you’ve been all this time. The songs are all structured so well, and create a lavish display of rock and jazz sound. It’s guitar driven, heavy at times, and plays on the heels of orchestral and iconic rock sound. This is perfection, mixing all the rock sounds you could want, without spoiling anything. Arjun finds a way to create melody where you would not think to find it, and they do so with such a masterful union of sounds. I love the way they can build to stellar solos, and drive the bass lines through several locations on the fret board. As a bass player, I loved the strong bass notes, but let’s not forget the other parts. Precision drumming, and a guitar sound that is going to put your favorite band to shame.

On “Lavalust” you’re going to drop your jaw, as the bass line comes in to hit you in the head with awesome sound. The drum and bass on this track alone should compel you to pick up this iconic record as it is one hell of a tune. It’s this type of unique, quality rock sound that is missing from popular music today. Arjun put on a clinic, and you’re going to be floored by how they come through their sound. I for one am amazed, and I know you will be too. No joke, these guys are on top of their game, impressive release.

You can check out more music from Arjun by going to their official site here, checking their twitter here, Facebook here, and the YouTube video below.

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