Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A&L Push One Rocking Tune With Get Me A Drink

The song “Get Me A Drink” recently came on my radar and it’s one great track. The duo here put together an excellent song that really puts you in a party mood. The vocal style hits you hard and the rock guitars and drumming really elevate this to all new levels. You’ll find that production is solid, the song is rocking, and there’s plenty to love for everyone that loves music. The hard working duo is definitely poignant here as you get the full scope of the song. By the time the song goes into a guitar solo, you’re pumped and ready to get to a bar or club and get some dancing on.

The duo here is made up of Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie, both of which are veterans of the music scene. You’ll find that the combined experience here gives you a rocking song with a lot of great things to appreciate. There’s a rock progression here but also a simplicity to the melodies that work well. The hard rock tone mixes well with a modern country, blue collar, work load that is presented through the lyrics and sonic buzz that comes forward.

Overall, the tune “Get Me A Drink” hits you hard, and as the work day closes it will be your new anthem. A and L definitely push a forward progression here and something that is going to stick with you. I like the tune, you’ll like it too, and after a long hard day, rightfully so, right?

Check out this song on Itunes here, and make sure that you look into more tunes from this duo coming soon. This is a rocking song!

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