Sunday, September 28, 2014

Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders Punch In One Country Rock Classic

Storytelling and music go hand in hand, especially when dealing with country music. Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders take that to a whole new level on their latest release, “The Last of the Originals”. From the opening lines and singing on this record, through some stand out tracks, you are going to be floored by the way things open up to tell you about a new world of ideas. This is not your grandfather’s country music, and it’s not what you hear on the radio, this is true storytelling and it’s done with such a flair, that you’re going to be kicking yourself for not listening to this sooner.

The record starts out with a great rocking feel on “Mrs Jones” and it doesn’t let up. There’s a slight twang here and there, but for the most part, this is a rock record with country roots throughout. The storytelling really changes everything here and it’s something that you’re going to absolutely love when you listen up. The lyrics really compliment the song’s structures and gives you a good feel for what very well may become your favorite record up to this point.

With “The Last of the Originals” you get a little bit of every type of country style. You even get a bit of blues guitar here and there, and you get good solo work, and elements that will make you feel like you’re listening to a much more complex record. As you take on each track, you’ll start to get a sense for a good sense of lyrical elements, some of which are so vivid that you may think you’re seeing a movie play out.

Some of the stand out tracks include, “My Baby Gone Cold”, “With You”, “No More Mr Nice Guy”, “I Was Young”, and “Red Head Baby”. This is a serious alternative record, and I only say that because I don’t think it should be lumped into just one genre. There’s good guitar work, good lyrics, and great attention to minor details that you will find with more than just one genre. I love it, and recommend it to anyone that is looking for new music.

Check out more information on this band via their official website here.

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