Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Skip Martin Lights Up Your Speakers With Can You Whine

It took me a few seconds before I blasted my speakers to “Can You Whine (feat. Galaxxy Quuen and Prince Ama)” as it is one of the most compelling mixes I’ve heard in a long time. Skip Martin breaks up the monotony of music with this incredible track of reggae, pop, and dance mixed into an incredible sound. You cannot listen to this song without turning up your subwoofer as it explodes with an infusion of sounds that you are going to absolutely love.

The bass on this release is going to hit you hard, and the fast flow that you hear from Skip Martin is going to impress. The whole track just has a lot of different points, and if you watch the video, I dare you not to dance. I laughed hard, and then danced a bit for my cats. This is one of those songs that is going to make you laugh, it’s going to make you turn it up and you’re going to keep on asking “Can you whine?”. “Can You Whine (feat. Galaxxy Quuen and Prince Ama)” is my favorite reggae mix to date. I know, I love ska, I love traditional dub, but this is a mix of genres that just makes me love the modern genre mixes that keep coming through.

What are you waiting for? Get this track, listen to it, turn up your speakers, make some noise, dance, and be happy. Skip Martin, you get my biggest recommendation on this track, it’s awesome. I love it, if you love music, dancing, and just being care free, here is your chance to make some noise and have some fun. It’s a great song.

You can pick up the song via amazon here, get it on itunes here, follow via twitter here, and facebook here. Oh and below is the music video, so get moving!

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