Sunday, September 28, 2014

Daniel Angelus Creates a Tight Atmospheric Record With Dream Pop

Daniel Angelus, one half of Surrender Hearts, has unleashed one of the most atmospheric records I’ve heard in a long time. The EP is called “Dream Pop” and it takes notes from a lot of bands, and artists, but it’s truly its own. It’s a complex electronic debut that takes layers upon layers to work within. You’ll listen to it and pick up on a lot. You will not be able to take this straight through, you will need to rewind and listen to the tracks again and again to pick up on all the little things that are being pushed in your ears. It’s like a cloud of music comes through and blinds you, only to play on your ears and create something grand.

It’s with the track “Touched By The Death” that the EP really starts to shine, even though the opening track is a good one as well. However, it’s within the scope of the second track that I’m brought back to different times. You play this and close your eyes, thinking about your past and you start to see a cinemascope play forward. I for one saw my own past, a past full of life, death, and new beginnings push through while the track played on. It was at the 1 minute mark that this really pushed me to all new levels, and it’s a highlight of what Angelus does on the record. It makes you dream, it’s special, it pulls at your heart and begs for reflection.

As a whole, “Dream Pop” is a perfect EP for me. It’s on par with Crosses, and even some Deftones, but not the heavy tracks. This is something that you’re going to want to listen to often, as it is defiant, iconic, impressive. It’s orchestral, it’s atmospheric, it plays on pop, it plays on rock, it is soft, it’s heartfelt and so special, you have to listen to this one for sure.

You'll want to check this record out, and listen for what very well may be your next favorite record, I love it. Check it out here.

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