Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blood Sugar Summer Brings Out Quite The Painting on The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet

Blood Sugar Summer unleashes one of the most opulent tracks with the release of the “The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet”, and it’s completely awe inspiring. This epic track is going to completely floor you. You’re going to find that the lyrics are compelling, and draw you in. They paint you a picture of beauty, vanity, and loss. The song structure is very much synth, pop, and somewhat gothic in feel, and it just focuses on movement forward. It’s orchestral in a way, and it blends together in such a manner that is just absolutely intriguing.

You will definitely find yourself listening to this song over and over again, trying to capture the essence of what is there. Blood Sugar Summer creates such a spectacular movement here that it’s hard to really categorize them in one area. They found a way to blend synth and goth rock into a very eclectic manner that you will have a hard time not liking. It’s a track that has many layers and builds into something absolutely stunning to say the least.

“The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet”, is by far one of the most interesting tracks that I’ve heard in a while. It has so much going for it, and the band is definitely going places too. If you have a moment, you have to check out this song, it’s going to give you shivers.

You can listen to Blood Sugar Summer via their soundcloud page here.

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