Friday, April 25, 2014

The One2s Produce An Instant Alternative Classic With EP One So Watch Out!

The booming percussion comes through first on “EP One” and some of the most compelling guitar and bass lines trump through before you get the full scope of what The One2s have to offer. I was immediately blown away by the opening of “Wide Awake” and then as things progressed, it just got better. This EP is another prime example of how you can create lavish, guitar driven, percussion laced alternative rock without having to turn too much pop on the draw. The vocals and guitar work all drive home an incredible sound, one that is not too far off from bands like Denali, Sonic Youth, and others.

What starts with a bombastic manner, dives into more melodious rhythms and rock sounds through the course of the release. Each track stands alone as a single in my view, with each one getting better than before. You get a mix of vocal options, and you get an incredible sound that is definitely nothing you’ve heard recently, and that’s perhaps what draws me to love this one. The use of bass and drums amidst rock guitars and companion vocals is definitely the highlight here. The way it all comes together is not disorienting, it just flows through melodic rock style.

The one2s definitely hit their stride with “Running Out of Time”, like a shot of espresso with all the sounds that you could possibly want out of a rock record. As an EP this definitely does the job, leaving you wanting a lot more out of the whole experience, but only delivering a taste. This rock outfit is definitely one to watch out for, because they have the polish and the precision to make it big. I could definitely hear this on modern rock radio, as it definitely works well on so many levels. This EP is just the beginning, mark my words, they are going places, and you’re invited to join in on the fun.

You can learn more about The One2s by going to their official website here, checking out their music here, and of course checking out their video below. I highly recommend a listen, it’s one of the best alternative rock offerings I’ve heard this year. It’s really good. I can’t say enough about this one.

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